Sales and Marketing Go Hand in Hand!

Sales - Marketing - Branding

Sales - Marketing - Branding

Let's grow your business! Sales and Marketing Go Hand in Hand! This rule applies to any hospitality business that aims at the absolute dominance of its brand name in the market!

The safest way for a business to succeed is to adopt the right advertising and branding strategy. "When they remember you, you have already won their trust." It is very important for every hospitality business, that operates in a country like Greece, to take advantage of the huge tourist background of the country to stand out in the competition and to become identical to the accommodation services for each possible guest.

Aegean Palace

Glaronissi Beach

At Optima we have developed a complete package of advertising and branding services for any type of hospitality business and we provide every owner in the industry, the opportunity to steadily increase their sales and enjoy long-term success. 

The 6 steps we follow to achieve a complete advertising plan aimed at shaping the character of the services provided concerning the location of the accommodation and your guests, as well as the broader plan of your promotion and marketing strategy.

Virtu on the Hill

Design of rooms & offered services

The design and the configuration of the types of rooms according to the style of the accommodation and the needs of your guests, largely determines the type of the whole business and its position in the market. The same goes for the services available for sale on the property, which must be created in detail, to help increase the commercial value of your accommodation.

Target group

If you know the audience, you have already built the foundations for success! Based on the analysis of the status, the location, and the facilities of the hotel, we select the markets to which we will communicate for the most efficient and profitable promotion.

Naxian Serenity

Marine Dream

Launch yourself

Constant evolution and adaptation to new trends are vital! By constantly updating the selling prices of rooms, services, and products, according to the required completeness, based on demand, competition, and seasonality, the best live coordination with the search trends made by the guests. 

Within the same framework belongs the formulation and continuous updating, where required, of the reservation, payment, and cancellation policies, which will facilitate your prospective guests to complete their reservation.

The way you manage, however, is not only about your relationship with your guests, but also about your relationship with your partners. That is why it is a priority to create agreements for the effective management of credits and open balance in agencies and sales channels of the accommodation services and products.

Online & strategic partnerships

Promoting a hospitality business is a challenging process that starts with the design of the right strategy and applies on multiple levels. 

Creating an account page on the popular booking platforms is necessary, in combination with a modern and functional web page of your business, to rank in the top results of the Google search engine, when users are looking for what you offer.

Virtu Suites

Villa Flora

To this end, we seek to develop the traffic of your website with strategies and updated methods, to develop individual bookings and hence your profitability. At the same time, by creating an online booking engine for individual guests and agents, we achieve the growth of sales and occupancy of your business and as a result your profitability.

At the same time, the visit and presentation of your accommodation in selected exhibitions and workshops in Greece and abroad, in combination with the visits and appointments in tourist offices, sending a targeted newsletter, presentations of the accommodation online or live, will ensure the efficient presentation of your accommodation abroad and at home.

Villa Flora

Branding - We tell your story!

When they recognize your brand already from the logo, then it has taken a huge step in the market. Organizing and implementing the right branding strategy is the safest way to add value to your services, build a relationship of trust with your guests and, consequently, direct every advertising action more effectively.

The basis for successful branding is in the market research and analysis of the accommodation, the services and products offered, the location, the advantages, and disadvantages, to create the appropriate corporate identity that will promote the accommodation in the market.

Once the search is complete and all data is available, we then proceed to configure the characteristics of the accommodation:

  • Creation of a distinctive title/name resulting from the corporate identity.
  • Create a logo that represents the distinctive title
  • Creating slogans to motivate the guests to connect with your business.
  • Defining the color shades that signify the characteristics of your brand.
  • Design of the creations that constantly project the style of the hotel in collaboration with the graphic designer and under the guidance of the management.

Arco Naxos

Photography & presentation videos

A picture is worth a thousand words! The right presentation of a hospitality business through the ideal concept in photos and videos can make a difference for your possible guests.    

Optima team, thanks to its extensive experience in aesthetics of any type of business operating in the hospitality industry, provides professional photography and video presentation services for hotels and hospitality businesses and ensures an outstanding result of elegant style. 

Our goal is to help a business, not only to impress and create a high-quality image for your guests, but also to make them form a real perception of your business and its facilities.

At the same time, we evaluate the existing audiovisual material that you already have at your disposal and we guide you step by step for its effective usage, through the appropriate suggestions for improvement and upgrade.

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