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The staff recruitment and the human resources of your hotel play a crucial role in the performance of the business. The hospitality industry is by nature human-oriented. This is why people who will take on all the day-to-day responsibilities and tasks of your business need to have specific characteristics, such as adaptability, discretion, willingness, team spirit, and, most importantly, mood and love for their guests.

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This fact means that a modern hospitality business must have access to the best talents in the labor market and at the same time, an organized system to recruit the right people, who can be a group of winners! 

Optima stands by every business that operates in the field of hospitality and provides an organized system of recruitment to help you achieve success. Thanks to our extensive experience, as well as the organized recruitment process that we apply, we can scan meticulously the market for you and effectively evaluate the candidates, to identify the most qualified people for the respective position.

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Staff Recruitment & Staff Training

Our goal is not just to find the right people for your needs. But to build the ideal teamwork spirit of communication and collaboration from one post to another and maximize business productivity. That is why the process of analyzing the structure and organization of the departments and the determination of vacancies, are our basis in the staffing process. 

Then, after we have completed the selection process of the people who will staff your business, we proceed to the training of the staff and develop the skills of the employees, so that at the same time the common corporate communication language that the staff must adopt addressed to your guests is formed.


However, to ensure that your team works flawlessly as a unity we create effective channels of communication and ensure that employees coordinate with each other so that information is conveyed in a timely and appropriate manner.

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At the same time, through constant communication and personal interviews with your staff, we effectively maintain control of the day-to-day operation and team cohesion of the departments. 

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